So that you don't lose sales, throughout the Covid-19 pandemic our product will be 100% free (at least until the end of the year). It is our commitment.

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that make your day easier

Unified Communications

Answer multiple channels like WebSite, Facebook, Twitter in exclusive unified inboxes.

Quick Reply

Answer all your channels on a single panel, don't keep your customer waiting.

Simplified Reporting

See reports in a simplified way, such as average resolution time, open chats, among others.

Close deals directly in the solution.

With real-time conversation, don't miss out on opportunities, generate more business. And if you are offline the solution collects the data for you to contact later.

Productive Dashboard

Our dashboard was designed to give productivity to your agents. Create as many agents as you want, during the pandemic there are no limitations.

Integrations. Integrate with what you need!

In addition to the available integrations, ChatKlink offers Webhooks and API for you to connect with whatever you need.

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